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our history

Cornerstone Ministries International has been delivering Bibles into restricted nations since 1985, comforting the suffering Church, building disciples, and walking alongside them as they evangelize their nation.  In particular, CMI began by delivering Bibles to the Korean Chinese people of Northeast China.  Before its division in 1953, Korea was one of the most evangelized nations in Asia.  Intense persecution after the institution of Communism, however, virtually wiped out all traces of the Church in North Korea.  Yet, word began to leak of the strong movement of the Holy Spirit in North Korea.  As we looked for a way into the country, God led us to the Korean Chinese.  Their close relations, proximity and access to the people living in North Korea yielded an open door into the country.  CMI grabbed hold of the opportunity to deliver the Word of God (“word delivery”) to North Korea as has been doing so ever since.


As the Korean Chinese people delivered bibles into North Korea, Chinese Christians asked CMI to deliver Bibles to them as well; not only so, but as more and more Bibles have been delivered, Chinese Christians began to ask CMI to go to China to teach them how to study the word of God as well.  Thus, the ministry followed the Holy Spirit’s work and added “seminary delivery” to the agenda, teaching leaders of the Church to teach themselves and others.  We send qualified missionaries to them with the goal of raising missionaries among them who will evangelize their own country and people, “missionary delivery.”  God has connected CMI with the house church network through the delivery of Bibles, enabling the ministry to provide continual support and guidance to the leaders of the churches in terms of church administration and biblical education.  We are currently teaching in four house church seminaries.

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