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We lift up the farmers in North Korea and ask you to be with them

Daily NK reports that "Over 100 pigs at a pig farm in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, died on May 5, prompting an emergency response from the authorities.

According to a source in the province on Friday, the North Korean government immediately responded by disinfecting pigs at farms in every province and gave orders for farmers to separate sick or dying pigs from healthy ones and destroy them by burning them where they stood.

'Provincial veterinary quarantine centers are taking steps to put in place science-based breeding measures so that things don’t get any worse. They are strictly enforcing the implementation of all [veterinary disease control measures], including disinfection,' the source said. 'They are monitoring farms to make sure that the farmers don’t distribute pigs or pork products or haphazardly manage the situation.'

North Korean authorities also conducted physical exams of pig farm employees. Many employees see this as the government 'finally admitting that African Swine Fever [ASF] has entered the country.'”

His brightness was like the light; rays flashed from his hand; and there he veiled his power.

Before him went pestilence, and plague followed at his heels. He stood and measured the earth; he looked and shook the nations; then the eternal mountains were scattered; the everlasting hills sank low. His were the everlasting ways.

(Habakkuk 3:4-6)

Father God, we look to You in awe and fear of Your mighty and everlasting ways which are often beyond our comprehension. As You continue to bring judgement on the country of North Korea, we proclaim that You are a just God, unchanging, and almighty, whose purposes always prevail. We lift up the farmers in North Korea and ask you to be with them, watch over their crops and livestock, and through these hard times and the wonder of Your creation, bring them to a knowledge of You. We pray that You would come quickly and bring Your people out of this bondage and into a safe and fruitful land. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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