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[DAY 1] North Korean Education

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

North Korea forces children to live a regimented “organizational life”— a multitude of rituals that serves a dual purpose of surveillance and indoctrination to control all its citizens. Even before a child goes to kindergarten, a nursery is operated for cultivating young revolutionaries armed with Kim Il-sung’s monolithic ideology.

According to a North Korean defector, at these nurseries, even before a child learns to say “mom” or “dad,” he is taught to say before each meal, “Thank you, Father,

for this food,” while looking at pictures of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jung-il. Starting in kindergarten, children are provided with games such as “Smashing Americans” and “Throwing Grenades” to instill hatred towards the United States. During early childhood, when essential lifestyle habits are formed, children in North Korea are taught to be loyal to the Kim family and to hate the United States and South Korea.

Pray that, instead of these evil teachings, North Korean children will have opportunities to learn about God and to experience His love.



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