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[DAY 5] The Children of North Korean Defectors (Part 2)

“Third-country-born” children must adapt to confusing circumstances

North Korean defector children born in North Korea sometimes experience separation and then reunion with their families, but children born in third countries find themselves in a more complex family environment. In many cases, to survive in third countries, including China, women defectors marry local men and give birth before completely defecting to South Korea.

In this process, when it is impossible to defect with the child, the mothers come alone to South Korea first and bring the child later. The child therefore experiences separation from the mother at a young age or from the family in the third country, including the father.

When a child moves to South Korea with his mother, he has to adapt to the new environment and learn the language before having time to deal with inner struggles. The mother also has to adjust to South Korean society, so she cannot afford to look after and care for her child.

Pray for the gospel of Jesus to be planted in the hearts of

North Korean defector children who are confused about their family situations and unfamiliar environments.



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