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[DAY 2] 'Saenghwal Chonghwa' and Mutual Criticism

Children are indoctrinated to point out the faults of others North Korean children start organizational life by joining the children’s union from the moment they enter elementary school.

In the light of the teachings of KimIl-sung and Kim Jung-il, it is mandatory to have a regular time to reflect on one’s life and to point out publicly the wrong actions of others. This time is called “saenghwal chonghwa,” and pointing out each other’s faults is called “mutual criticism.” This continues into adulthood. During criticisms, feelings are hurt, and it often leads to fights. Contrary to the Bible’s teaching that

love covers a multitude of sins, hatred is encouraged, and close relationships are broken in the name of loyalty to the country.

Pray for North Korean children living this lifestyle — and for an end to these evil deeds.



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