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[DAY 4] The Children of North Korean Defectors (Part 1)

“Third-country-born” children struggle for support

The number of children born to North Korean defectors in “third countries” (like China) is increasing. The children are also called North Korean defectors, but they have never actually lived in North Korea. They were born outside North or South Korea in another country. Most of the children born and raised in China eventually come to South Korea with their mothers.

These third-country-born North Korean defectors have increased and are now outnumbering those born in North Korea. However, they are not legally North Koreans, and therefore they have not been able to receive the support and benefits for which North Koreans are eligible in South Korea.

Recently, a new subsidy for families with children born in third countries has been established. However, there is still a lack of support and policy considerations for these children with characteristics and difficulties different from children born in NorthKorea.

Pray for adequate support for North Korean defector children born abroad with diverse backgrounds and family environments.



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