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<Saturday> Bible in China is running out

This is the news from a local worker in China. Long-distance buses, trains, and planes in China were suspended, and restrictions were imposed on the movement of people going downtown and outside the city. No one had any way to deliver the Bible. In the meantime, the Bibles stored in such-and-such a place were moved to other areas. The new location is hundreds of kilometers away. The shipment of bibles was moved by a local minister. The success of the move came by the miraculous grace of God.

In China, sales of the Bible have stopped. As the revised religious ordinances came into effect last year, the sale of the Bible was banned, and the Bible disappeared even in internet bookstores. Due to this kind of life, many places requesting Chinese Bibles have increased. So, as soon as the Bible was sent to China, it was delivered to organizations and leaders in need. However, with the spread of the Corona 19 virus, the Bible, which would normally be distributed was held in a safe storage place. In China, the red light is on for delivery. In the midst of such uncertainty, unexpected news came that a large number of bibles had been delivered. It was a difficult situation that could not be expected, but God listened to the prayers of the churches and believers in China and satisfied their needs.

The worker in charge of delivering the Bible beseeches God to open the way to deliver the Bible to China. We pray that time will be given for more believers to be able carry the Bible into China and for local workers to freely travel long distances within China in distributing the Bible.

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