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<Sunday> Is North Korea changing?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Signs of the crumbling down of barriers between North Korea and China are apparent. The border has been closed for one year and three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are a few signs that show that it will soon be reopened. Recently, a North Korean ship was captured on camera plying the Yalu River. This North Korean vessel was sighted on April 16th, the day after Kim Il-Sung's birthday (Sunday, April 15), while it was engaged in sand collection from the Yalu riverbed.

A source said, “After the border was closed in January last year, it was often seen that the Yalu River was undisturbed for a solitary North Korean patrol boat. Recently, for the first time in over a year other vessel were seen operating on the Yalu River during day time during the week.” In addition to the sand-dredging ship, three tow boats have also been working on the river.”

In the midst of this, vehicles moving on the new Yalu River Bridge, a three-kilometer connecting Sinuiju (North Korea) and Dandong (China), have also been spotted several times since the beginning of this month. Most of the vehicles are said to be cargo trucks carrying materials needed to build customs offices and warehouses. It also has been confirmed that fertilizer for farming and seeds are being moved in large quantities from China to North Korea. There is a rumor that North Korea will open its border generally between April and August of this year.

Let’s pray that the border opens enough for more bibles, literature, and Christian digital materials to enter into North Korea safely and be distributed to His people.

Let us pray that North Korea opens soon for the praising of the Lord and sharing the Gospel freely.



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