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<Tuesday> North Korea Communist Party are forcing to shut down small farmland

It is reported that the Communist Party Committee of Gapsan County, Yanggang Province, is currently carrying out a project to confiscate the private farmland (small plots) of the residents: “The decision was made to confiscate farmland that people have been using to grow small amounts of vegetables. The Party plans to plant soybeans in the confiscated land.” However, the residents who were deprived of their fields have said, “What can this small plots produce soybeans? They are taking away the land to stop any production away from the Party. Why are they take that the family has worked for from generation to generation in the middle of these hard times?" Some began to express their unhappiness although they cannot openly protest against the Communist Party policies. Many underground believers have been using their back yards to grow food to share with non-believers.

Let’s pray that this confiscation of farm land from people be stopped so that food can be grown to share with the love of Christ.



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