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(Wednesday> Many military soldiers are running away

It has been reported that the many soldiers are deserting their units. So, law enforcement agencies in January and in March were hunting down military deserters. The situation was so serious that specific directives came from the army commander-in-chief, making it clear that deserters would be severely punished.

The root cause of this situation is in the military's logistics. There are not enough rations or other foodstuffs even in the military bases. The army and other services have shortened the period of military service and discharged servicemen are sent to coal mines or rural areas. Additionally, the Communist Party, which is one's sole hope of security and advancement in North Korea, has increased its candidate admissions process from one year to three. As a result, soldiers who have served in the military for eight or nine years have been in danger of being posted to remote locations without being able to join the Communist party as they had hoped. Their hopes thus dashed, they eventually desert their posts.

We ask God to loosen the power of the military in North Korea, that it be replaced by the power of almighty God so that social justice and peace might reign at last.



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