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Korean War participating countries overcome the wall of hatred and pain.

From September 14 to 16, 2022, about 20 intercessors from overseas and about 70 Korean intercessors circulated near the demarcation line, proclaiming forgiveness, prayers, and Bible verses toward North Korea.

We, the United States forgive NorthKorea in the name of Jesus Christ!

We, the United Kingdomforgive North Korea in the name of Jesus Christ!

We, Thailand forgiveNorth Korea in the name of Jesus Christ!

We, Ethiopia forgiveNorth Korea in the name of Jesus Christ!

At a point near the armistice line that North Korea could see from afar, the proclamation of forgiveness toward North Korea rang out one after another.

On behalf of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands, Colombia, Greece, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Belgium, France, South Africa, and Luxembourg, prayers came one by one to ask for forgiveness. Exclaimed. Although it was a short proclamation with only one sentence, each word was filled with strength and contained sincerity that cannot be expressed in words. It is not easy to stand as a representative of a country and say that you will forgive North Korea. Someone's parents and siblings, who are their own bones, returned to their families as corpses while fighting a war in another country, and someone had to live the rest of their lives with disabilities and scars from injuries. They had to carry the weight of all this sorrow, pain, and hatred toward forgiveness and reconciliation. There were also prayers that could not be connected.

The forgiveness of the 16th participating countries of the Korean War was proclaimed, and finally, the 17th forgiveness of the Korean people was proclaimed.

“We, South Korean forgive North Korea in the name of Jesus Christ!”.

It was forgiveness that we cried out with one heart and one voice. Next, everyone present offered the 18th forgiveness to God on behalf of the church around the world with loud shouts.

“We are God’s people forgive North Korea in the name of Jesus Christ!”



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